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Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects (NMDA) is a firm of designers, innovators and leaders solely focused on the betterment of the way people live, work and play.
NMDA architectural design services
NMDA architectural design services

NMDA believes those experiences can and should be enriched by the built environments in which they take place, and uses great architectural design services to create engaging hotels and resorts around the world.

NMDA was established in 2017 by Nunzio DeSantis. Nunzio’s career started at HKS 34 years ago, where he created the HKS Hospitality Group. Nunzio has 34 years of worldwide experience to balance a destination’s culture and ambiance that ever-changing guests never forget. After leaving HKS, Nunzio started NMDA to start a firm solely dedicated to hospitality without distraction by architects moving from one discipline to another. The firm is equally committed to enhancing the client experience by using its hospitality expertise to build long lasting relationships with recognizable brand developers and owners.

In the short time since its establishment, NMDA’s projects and designers have already been featured in notable publications, bringing the quickly growing firm into the public eye.